Why choose a Monthly loan from Gowtham Amarjothi Finance?

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Immediate loan disbursement

Loans are provided within six hours for all the customers. New customers who inquire for loans are given same-day decisions and their loans are processed and disbursed in 6 hours. There is absolutely zero delay in processing customers requests and our decision of yes/no to the loan is communicated to the customer within the day.

gowtham finance
Accurate and systematic record maintenance

We excel in record maintenance. We have airtight and streamlined processes and security systems in place for documentation thereby completely avoiding instances of fradulent practices by the collecting agents that is a very common complaint among daily wage laborers in rural areas. Our methods are completely honest and transparent. We're accountable for every penny we give and receive.

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No application/hidden fees

We do not charge an application fee at the time of customer's loan request. We also do not ask for any sort of hidden fees, service fee or other charges.

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Unmatched credibility and reputation

We are a reputable lending company who is in this business for more than 30 years. We're extremely approachable anytime and we welcome feedback, in fact, we insist on it.

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No collateral or bailors required

We do not require a bailor nor do we require a collateral for daily loans. We understand most of our clientele are daily wage labourers and it's extremely unfair to them to ask for a bailor when they are going through a financial crisis. Our approach is 'trust'. We understand the intentions behind the loan request, get the request verified by a family member and only then disburse the loan.

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The best customer service

This might be kind of cliche but we take pride in our customer service and it is part of our core value system. Unlike other financing individuals who do not hesitate to use force, we're extremely professional and we condemn such forceful practices.

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Open to criticism

We value customer feedback and we take it very seriously. We act immediately on a complaint. It's easy to reach out to us and share your feedback with us. Whatever it takes, we find a solution for you.

How it works


New customers can either visit our office at the nearest location or call us at 98423-52528 / 98423-54241 for loan requests.


Upon receiving a request, our regional managers visit the requestor, verify their address, proof of identification and proof of earning. Based on the information at hand, they provide a decision right away. If there is insufficient data, they take a little more time for additional inquiry and then provide their decision. We usually close a request within 1 day of receiving it.


Upon verification completion, decision is communicated to the customers after which the customers can bring their Proof of identification to the office, fill the loan application, and get their loans right away

Who can avail?

Focused financial assistance for monthly wage earners. Monthly wage earners may be government employees, private company employees, small and micro enterprises, small business owners, people availing pension benefits, agricultural labourers etc

Payback duration

Payable monthly with a Loan period of 5 months. We will collect the loan at your doorstep.