Goodwill Finance

Cheyyar Goodwill Finance is an arm of Gowtham Amarjothi finance that focuses on financial assistance for customers in and around Cheyyar, Vandavasi, Kanchipuram, Aarani. We provide loans against property.

Why get a property loan from Cheyyar Goodwill Finance?

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Unmatched credibility and reputation

We are a reputable lending company who has been in this business for more than 30 years. We're extremely approachable anytime and we welcome feedback, in fact, we insist on it. We have our offices at Cheyyar, Vandavasi, Aarani, Kanchipuram.

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The best customer service

We have knowledgeable, efficient loan specialists who are with you every step of the way, and helping you with any questions from property mortgaging to closing the loan.

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Timely property evaluation and document verification

Upon receiving the loan application and supporting documents, we move on to our technical and legal evaluation quickly following which we conduct our property verification. We disburse the loan once the verification is complete.

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Accurate and systematic record maintenance

We have airtight and streamlined processes and security systems in place for documentation. We're accountable for every penny we give and receive.

How it works

Loan application and
document submission

( 1 day )

Apply online, give us a call or directly visit the branch for enquiries. Upload the required documents for us to verify loan eligibility.

Evaluation and

( within 2 days )

Once we receive your loan application and supporting documents, we will quickly move on to property evaluation and document verification.

Loan approval and

( within 3 days )

Upon successful completion of evaluation and document verification, we will disburse the loan to your account within 3 Working days.

Any questions about the interest rate, payable time or questions regarding documentation please call 96559-43434