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While we provide loans through our offices with different names, we will help choose the right loan for you.

Featured Loan


தினசரி கடன்

  • For Roadside Businesses, Tea Stall, Fruit Stall, Coconut sellers, Cycle Shop, Street Food, Fish Vendor, Vegetable Shop, Flower Stall, Street Food, daily wage laborers
  • Loan period of 100 days
  • Instant loans for existing customers
  • Loans in 6 hours for new customers
  • Accurate, systematic, and well kept records
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வாராந்திர கடன்

  • Merchants, Fish market sellers/workers, Milk vendor, Vegetable Market, Grocery Shop, Contract Labors, Construction Laborers, Mason
  • Loan period of 14 weeks
  • Instant loans for existing customers
  • Loans within 1 day for new customers
  • Accurate, systematic and well kept records
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மாதாந்திர கடன்

  • Industry Labors, Farmers, Pensioners, Factory Workers, Agriculture,Private company Employees, and Government Employees.
  • Loan period of 5 months
  • Instant loans for existing customers
  • Loans within 1 day for new customers
  • Accurate, systematic and well-kept records                                                        .
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அருங்கரை அம்மன் பைனான்ஸ்

  • For Sales Merchants, Private salaried employees, Small Businesses, monthly pension benefits, dairy farm (paal karavai)
  • Loans against documents
  • Easy EMI options available
  • Immediate solutions
  • Less interest rates
  • Hassle free and fast property evaluation and verification of documents
  • No hidden fee, processing fee and charges
  • Every month principal payment must be paid
  • Serving areas around Cheyyar, Aarani. Vandavasi, Chepet
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அருங்க​ரை அம்மன் சிட்ஸ்

  • Only for Government employees, people on pension benefits, small business owners, private company employees and merchants
  • Registered, certified chit fund company
  • 10 years of experience running chits
  • Easy accessibility to funds
  • Can be readily drawn at the time of emergency
  • Funds disbursed within 24 hours
  • 4% commission from 2021 onwards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .                 
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குட்வில் ​பைனான்ஸ்

  • For small businesses, private company employees
  • Loans against collateral-Pledge loans. All loans will be pledged on asset
  • 24 months, 36 months EMI options available
  • Flexible loan tenure
  • Hassle free and fast property evaluation and verification of documents
  • Less interest rates
  • No hidden fee, processing fee and charges
  • Serving villages areas around Cheyyar, Vandhavasi, Kanchipuram, Tindivanam                                                                       . 
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Why Gowtham Finance

குறைந்த வட்டி

வெளி நபர் ஜாமீன் தேவையில்லை.

முறையான கணக்குகள்

கனிவான சேவை

ஒரு நபருக்கு ஒரு கடன் மட்டுமே.

6 மணி நேரத்தில் கடன்.

வசூல் செய்வதில் இனிமை.

உடனுக்குடன் தீர்வு.

Our Milestones

What started in small 10*10 room in Cheyyar with a handful of people with 20,000 as their capital money, in 1991, August has grown to




Across Districts






Different Loans


Head Office


Training Center

Timeline of our Milestones

Gowtham finance opened in cheyyar
  • 8 employees recruited
  • 1000 customers reached
10th Branch opened in kilkodungalur
15th Branch opened in gingee
  • 80 employees
  • 15,000 customers
  • Arungarai amman chits opened in cheyyar
25th Branch opened in polur
  • 210 employees
  • 40,000 customers
Goodwill finance opened in cheyyar

KNP finance opened in cheyyar
Head office opened in cheyyar
  • Training office opened in cheyyar
50th Branch opening in november 2021
  • 402 employees
  • 73,978 customers
  • Providing vehicle loans
56th Branch opening in August 2023
  • 550 employees
  • 84,500 customers

Stories around us

Feedback we get from our customers

Lakshmi - Kanchipuram

We have been customers with GAF for over 5 years. Recently we took a monthly loan from them for an urgent Requirement. Once our need was satisfied we paid the remaining loan amount promptly and because we returned it soon they paid back half the interest amount. No other company ever pays back the interest amount. Wonderful people to work with.

Sudhan - Thellar

We have been borrowing money from GAF for over 15 years. They are honest and transparent. We have had great service from them all over the years. I am not looking elsewhere when I want to borrow money in future.